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Conference Speakers


Adolfo Carrión, Jr., Director of the White House Office of Adolfo Carrión, Jr.
Urban Affairs

Adolfo Carrión, Jr. is the first Director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs and Deputy Assistant to the President. Director Carrión is charged with coordinating the policies of Presidential Cabinet Agencies into an effective agenda for urban America. Adolfo began his career as a school teacher in the Bronx. He then pursued a degree in urban planning in order to improve the neighborhoods his students were coming from.

After obtaining a master's degree in Urban Planning from Hunter College in New York City, he worked for the NYC Department of City Planning, served as District Manager of a Community Planning Board in the Bronx, and was elected to the NYC Council where he served one term, before being elected President of the Borough Bronx, a post he held for 7 years, prior to assuming his current position. As Borough President Adolfo shepherded a period of robust growth and development in the Bronx. An Aspen-Institute Rodell Fellow alumnus, Carrión also served as President of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and as Vice President for International Affairs of the County Executives of America.


Ann Arbor, Michigan
Michael A. Finney

Asheville, North Carolina
Terry Bellamy

Lowell, Massachusetts
Gary Campbell, President, The Lowell Plan, Inc.
Michael Creasey, Superintendent, Lowell National Historical Park
Martin Meehan, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Carole Cowan, President, Middlesex Community College

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
John Norquist

Portland, Oregon
Gil Kelley

Belfast, Northern Ireland
John McGrillen
Alvin McKinley


Jonathan B. Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service


Niki Tsongas, U.S. Representative & Honorary Conference Chair
Representatives from the Northeast Midwest Institute
Representatives from the Northeast Midwest Coalition


From Belfast
Additional  representative speakers from Belfast, Ireland include:
Maurice Blease
Robert Hunniford

From Lowell
Additional  representatives of Lowell's presenting partners and community will speak at conference sessions, including:
James Milinazzo, Mayor of Lowell
Bernard F. Lynch, Lowell City Manager
Adam Baacke, Assistant City Manager
Theresa Park, Director of Economic Development, City of Lowell
Peter Aucella, Assistant Superintendent, Lowell National Historical Park
Jim Cook, Executive Director, The Lowell Plan, Inc.
Jacqueline F. Moloney, Executive Vice Chancellor, UMass Lowell
James F. Linnehan, Jr., Executive Vice President, Middlesex Community College